Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

Written by Abigail Koetting   Testing, a method to find out what students know or what they don’t know, plays an important role in measuring academic success. Children enter the world of testing as young as pre-k, with assessments on what they have been formally taught, such as their colors or shapes. At more advanced levels,... Continue Reading →

Is Testing Helping Your Memory?

Written by Katelynn Brown Testing in education, is a concept that has been questioned and debated for centuries. Many question the benefits, drawbacks, and outcomes of testing in the classroom. Especially when considering learning in the classroom, many question how the testing process can impact student learning. When thinking about testing, many question how repeated... Continue Reading →

Testing Roundup

Written by Erin Miller Here are some articles about the topic of testing, and how it influences a student’s ability to learn. Test-enhanced Learning: Using Retrieval Practice to Help Students Learn from the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University Cynthia Brame and Rachel Biel discuss “test-enhanced learning,” and how the process of retrieving facts and... Continue Reading →

Retrieval Practice: I Quiz Because I Care

Written by Dr. Althea Bauernschmidt Now that the Spring 2018 semester is in full swing, CALM is back with a new series of blog posts exploring topics in attention, learning, and memory! This month we’ll be focusing on testing. Specifically we’ll be looking at retrieval practice, sometimes called the testing effect, as well as issues... Continue Reading →

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