Testing Roundup

Written by Erin Miller Here are some articles about the topic of testing, and how it influences a student’s ability to learn. Test-enhanced Learning: Using Retrieval Practice to Help Students Learn from the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University Cynthia Brame and Rachel Biel discuss “test-enhanced learning,” and how the process of retrieving facts and... Continue Reading →

Focus Roundup 2

Written by Michelle Onofrio Entrepreneur   In our hectic culture, it can seem like staying focused on one task is impossible. Here, Gretchen Rubin lessens the intimidation of maintaining a quiet focus by offering 11 practical suggestions that can be applied, little by little, to our daily lives. Fox News - Lifestyle   What levels... Continue Reading →

Focus Roundup

Written by Anna Aylward This month we have focused on focus! This article includes some interesting resources about the science of focus and attention, the reasons behind the problems, and simple methods that we can use to improve. The Science of Focus Control by Belle Beth Cooper This blog post discusses the two brain systems... Continue Reading →

Multitasking Round Up 2

Written by Soquania Henry This week we're continuing the conversation about multitasking. What is multitasking, why does it do more harm than good, and how can you avoid it? Check out the resources below to learn more! Does Multitasking Kill Productivity? Learn ways to be more successful while doing your daily tasks from Next Level... Continue Reading →

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