Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

Written by Abigail Koetting   Testing, a method to find out what students know or what they don’t know, plays an important role in measuring academic success. Children enter the world of testing as young as pre-k, with assessments on what they have been formally taught, such as their colors or shapes. At more advanced levels,... Continue Reading →

Where is your focus?

Written by Abigail Koetting   Cell phones often pose as distractions to our every day lives, especially when we are trying to focus on completing a task and a notification goes off to distract us. Cell phone notifications are meant to get our attention, so their tone will break our focus on purpose. Most ringtones... Continue Reading →

Keeping Focus in Focus

Written by Dr. Althea Bauernschmidt This month CALM will be focusing on selective attention. Selective attention is the skill of ignoring distracting stimuli. In other words, selective attention is your ability to focus on one task and ignore things not related to that task. Last month we talked about a related concept, multitasking. The better... Continue Reading →

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