Where is Your Focus?

Written by Katelynn Brown “The real message is because attention is under siege more than it has ever been in human history, we have more distractions than ever before, we have to be more focused on cultivating the skills of attention. It’s about using the devices smartly but having the capacity to concentrate as you... Continue Reading →

How Do I Focus?

Written by Katelynn Brown Focus, it’s a concept that we all think that we are familiar with. When asked to define what focus is, many people would say that focus is to pay attention to something in particular. Though this is true, focus is much more than that. As individual, when we say we think... Continue Reading →

Where is your focus?

Written by Abigail Koetting   Cell phones often pose as distractions to our every day lives, especially when we are trying to focus on completing a task and a notification goes off to distract us. Cell phone notifications are meant to get our attention, so their tone will break our focus on purpose. Most ringtones... Continue Reading →

Focus Roundup 2

Written by Michelle Onofrio Entrepreneur   In our hectic culture, it can seem like staying focused on one task is impossible. Here, Gretchen Rubin lessens the intimidation of maintaining a quiet focus by offering 11 practical suggestions that can be applied, little by little, to our daily lives. Fox News - Lifestyle   What levels... Continue Reading →

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