Testing Roundup

Written by Erin Miller

Here are some articles about the topic of testing, and how it influences a student’s ability to learn.

Test-enhanced Learning: Using Retrieval Practice to Help Students Learn from the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University

Cynthia Brame and Rachel Biel discuss “test-enhanced learning,” and how the process of retrieving facts and concepts from our memory, can increase the long-term retention of those concepts. They also explain how repeated retrieval practice can enhance long-term memory.



Learn how to Study Using…Retrieval Practice from The Learning Scientists

Dr. Megan Smith and Dr. Yana Weinstein explain resources students can use to take charge of how they learn. They explain what retrieval practice is, and important methods for studying any topic that you want to remember.




Researchers Find That Frequent Tests Can Boost Learning from Scientific American

Annie Murphy Paul explains how research in cognitive science and psychology have shown that using testing in classrooms provides a more effective way to learn, and more success in the students recall of facts and understanding of topics.



A Powerful Way to Improve Learning and Memory from the American Psychological Association

In this article, Dr. Jeffrey Karpicke discusses how retrieval creates learning. Karpicke also discusses research conducted with Dr. Bauernschmidt, about retrieval-based learning, and how testing, or practicing retrieval, facilitates learning.




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