Focus Roundup 2

Written by Michelle Onofrio


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In our hectic culture, it can seem like staying focused on one task is impossible. Here, Gretchen Rubin lessens the intimidation of maintaining a quiet focus by offering 11 practical suggestions that can be applied, little by little, to our daily lives.

Fox News – Lifestyle


What levels of inattention are normal? How much is too much? Jessica Girdwain outlines 5 reasons why we are losing our focus, suggesting what we can do for ourselves, as well as when we should seek the help of a doctor. 

Psychology Today focus2

Why is our inability to focus so prevalent, especially when we are overwhelmed with a myriad of tasks? Why are we so easily distracted by our technological devices? Offering insight from his book, Your Brain at Work, David Rock answers these questions by taking a look into what regions of our brain are responsible for this phenomena.

Calm Clinic


How is our ability to concentrate affected by our anxiety? For helpful, wholesome tips to improve concentration by identifying distractions, look here.




Do we attribute our difficulty with concentration to the inundation of interruptions and opportunities we are bombarded with in our environment? While these problems are undoubtedly significant, Dr. Edward M. Hallowell argues that there are deeper causes present within our human psychology.

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